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Bing S T O N K S

And it's a yawn.

send help

Sticks and stones

Me getting intouch with global finances.

*video games*


Made witty mematic x2

New template

Always miss it smh

*stalin intensifies*

Addicted to ketamine, I am. Care, I do not.

*Confused screaming*

This is colled honor

*sad Woodrow Wilson noises*

It do very much be like that

My ears hurt

Oh germany done fucked up

The Native American scout situation sure was interesting...

Seriously guys how has no-one already said this

see how i do the thing here;

Communism type beat

I mean...yeah?

I wasted 3 hours of my life making this...

see u in war

you deserve this

hats off to the man who did this

Haha screw him

time manipulation

no, i don’t think i will

That’s gotta hurt

490000 New Year!

Rosa memes gaining traction

Contest: The Obvious Choice

works eve͓̹̙̬̰̗͈ry̙͚ ͇time!

I felt that one.

Everywhere I go I see his face

Real comment btw

He knew it was the only way

Crave entertainment? Presenting the Magic u n i v e r s e Grow Capsules!

haha its is an LAUGHTER TITLE

Then boom.

Fricken Morty


U wanna hear that Wii sports Theme


Classic virus

The Rick and Morty meme died in 10 hours

Minecraft commands are the best

I hope people are also up at 3 AM