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2020 continues

They suck serious ass and I don’t even eat meat

Becouse nobody talks about other battles called Polish Thermopylae.

liev forevir and nevr dye

Those guys get the most girls


I am quite certain

Is this template still relevant?

Kamenei will kill me for this (seriously)

Watergate in an alternate timeline

Really though

7:08 am

Братство и единство


me when I see my best friend

I’m about to end this man

why they b fighting tho?

1800s Europe


Happened to, And probably not only me

Memes that are dead eternal lie but spooky memes never die

crisis of the third century.jpg

Surprise stonks

Imvest in urslf

Phineas and Ferb History Memes every day until I run out of ideas: Day 47

Was Christopher Columbus's mistake a curse or boon? What y'all think?

Ceiling fans are great

he needs not a brain to know the evil of your heart

the all powerfull...

i c u

( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Actually quantum mechanics allows this


When u wash your hands..

Take a look at my memefriend

They are boyfriend

Big Mistake

The realization is responsible for the synthesis THE REALIZATION IS RESPONSIBLE FOR THE SYNTHESIS

I don't think anyone has thought about this shit before

The best feeling


Welp, we made a terrible mistake

Horoscope girls be like

Defend yourself

Literally no one likes you what's the point

He is winning

I hate it when I can’t find the straw.

Thank you a lot guys!!!

Inspired by Bert strips, a Pingu strip.

honor the gods