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D̝̟͕̣̟̬a̮͉̮̜͇t͙͎̤͈̗̺a͕͉͇ ̣̘̻͕T̹͍su͙͙̜͎̮ͅn̹̮a͖̩m̹̲̘̰ͅiͅ!̯̰̙̠̦̙͙

What are you doing stepbro

There were rumors that one of the Tsar's daughters (Anastasia) escaped the execution.

Long live the Queen


Do I have to make it obvious?

Anna May meem

Haha Invasion go brrrrrrrr

Relaxation Technique

Every 1Sec seems like one minute

A fantastic victory! You still have your mandate of heaven!

Is A Terrible Day For Rain

MFW I Astral Project while Meditating

Interesting hot take

* calls FBI *

Poor, Poor Weather Boy



What girlfriend?

Louis xixixixiixixixixixixixiixi

This joke definitely hasn’t been made before

why must it be this way...

I mean, why?

Every gamer’s worst nightmare

Nice c0ck dad

The value of art can be hard to quantify

Wouldn’t it be crazy if there were some kind of anecdotal evidence suggesting our most precious resources (artists) were trying to communicate to us that reality had fundamentally shifted? Well that’s the question we had when we investigated the creative output of 2015

Absolutely nothing


Now cautiously approach table and FLIP IT!

Clash of clans

After 14 billion years in development:

wide stonks man

List it as "Other"/

Every Time, damn you click bait

How much are we losing, Kevin?

Achievement: « Single » accomplished

When you see it

It looks good on him


Wanted dead or alive

Forgive me for my sins

Wait a damn minute

screw you

Life is basically finished once you get one

all i know is that i must kill

Its ok to be racist


Found this on the internet. Probably is about Polytheistic civs.

where my zipper gang at?