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Did they have smoothies in 1847?

Taste the rainblow.

i hope people think this is funny

Gourmet Play-Doh is the shit.

Text message STONKS

I will tell you exactly what that screen says dammit!

Haha religion go brrr

Protector of Peace

*Connected, no internet*

They have the big funny

But they can be fixing

I just want to eat

Living the dream

I dreamed of flesh cube but it's existence was real.

Making a meme about every WW2 Medal of Honor recipient in alphabetical order by last name Day 80 Demas T. Craw

Found this picture of Rick Astley, sorry for bad quality

Just a meme. Plz don't kill me

e n s l a v e m e n t

But I must...

I like tea, but I need me some Russian furs

You cannot hide from his letters

So iOS 14 was a mistek

Wake up

A fellow IPhone user

Rlli does hlp

Oh it's not another invasion

haha dead meme revival go woooh

Who is the strongest?

Come on man

Me and the boys


The Hands On My Clock Я Starting To Shake

dead end

⅄∀M SIH⊥ ԀIᴚ⊥ ᗡIƆ∀

Reality can be whatever I want

Jah Stonks

Happy little tree

The duality of man

Gandalf Bionicles need to be made

Everything changed when the fire nation attacked

Good idea, horrifying, but good

the template is ironic ( reposting cause bot said the image was too smol )


Tell me something I don't know

Listen here non-spooky, this is how things happen

It’s just you and me out on a spree.

These uniforms are so professional, the germans won't ever spot us!

This is true

And how pissed everyone is