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Battle of Adwa, 1896

Cancel culture explained

Don’t worry i’m from the UK which makes it... still illegal :(

That folder has everything but homework

ʄօɛȶʊֆ ıu ɟǝʇn

Who said 2021 bad

Nothing bad ever happens to the Romanovs

Damn man


Stay calm to prevent mass hysteria



fortnite isnt so bad

Me in a game when I accidentally walk into a boss room:

Answer. The. Question


It's depressing seeing someone being more talented at your age.

The fookin Bri'ish mods removed ma meme last time I uploaded it so now I'm uploadin it again

Happy New Year!

A suggestion was made so I changed it to garum

NOT made with mematic

It's kinda stressful

Goodbye Adobe Flash, you will be missed

What happens when you give the old testament to displaced and enslaved peoples whose cultures happen to have a whole lot of song and dance

Saw this in r/memes

Update on Tintin's existence

Maybe my nut allergy counts

you never know where, when or why, but it do happen

I made this redditor friendly

Summer as Kid Starterpack


Humaitá Fortress

It do be that way


The Drk Str's Stonks

Makin coffee#.

It was him all along

Capture the flag

these dudes are wild

Title is in construction come back later

More nukes

That's a different Louis.

Creativity at its finest

Many tales untold

Snorlax used ______ beam

OC Snapchat content

After a lot of hard work and dedication meme man finally went to school and learned how to spell he may die in peace now and made his legacy live on!

I want to do this LOL.

Found this, though it could make a good template