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Happy retirement Daft Punk! 😎🤘

Some folks are born to wave the flag


Mao’s dream has been realized

No feeling sad now

poor johnny

Larry SUCKS - art by @doctor_boombot on IG

Made a stonks pin, here’s the final result 📈

Next time think twice before shooting me

Take that ball hedge

Thank you for your service

WhAts wRonG bRotHer?

Prohibition act 1920


Made a stonks pin, here’s the final result 📈

Snorlax used ______ beam

I offer you friendship, yet you spat in my face

Robots Will conquer

I make stonk meme to the mooon

My Aura Has an Aura

Donno what to say

Former Colonies After Independence Be Like

It’s time to get vibe checked until I meet Latin speakers

I don't think so

think again

Made during class

Not again...


A bird is fine, too.

One cent can make a huge difference

Daily reminder

me go find mom

İce is part of my religion

We should print more money to help him

Merriment the finale

we’re trying to put this in the fucking sky over Melvin tomorrow ;)

5 of them

poor poor thanos

F to pay respects

Waiting for that next boom

Alright, who knows him!?



My Christmas gift was an omen of things to come all along


Such an important day

Music History is History (and this is 20+ years old)

I fucking hate this SHIT

Laughs in cardiac arrest