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My honour!

All i can feel is pain. I can only sit

People gonna need some flex tape after that

u/LegionMeme ;; segment 4/6

Sorry bout that. We ran out of cyan.


My rush be justified

Imagine causing a fire because you wanted to showcase if your fetus had an innie or an outie

The Bavarian-Prussian rivalry

Hannibals plans were beyond our understanding


The real treasure of a knight

ㄚㄖㄩ 匚卂几'ㄒ 🅴🆂🅲

Non Aggression Pacts? More like Give me time to attack you pacts

Alright since people were asking for a template here it is

Making a meme about every WW2 Medal of Honor recipient in alphabetical order by last name day 348 Jack W. Mathis

Woman finds message in bottle from 1926 while diving, proves Alex Jones is a time traveler

I’m the more reasonable one


Procrastination is tough okay

Some Vietnamese history

Nice to meat you

👉I Know It When I See It👈

i've been manually layer masking an object from its white background.. FOR 30 MINUTES.

I would do anything to keep my stonks

I don't, but I made this meme

Choo choo

The bigger they are the, harder they fall

listen to the division bell

“You’re gonna have to speak up”


I’m so lucky

Euro Cup meme everybody!!

What they doin over there?

From a letter he wrote in 1792

>>happiness: a pipe dream,

cursed entities

snek atak

Can't be overrun by the horde if there's no ground for them to gallop on.


Aight act normal she's right there

Happy father's day!

haha france surrender so funny

We've all been there


We don't grow up, our toys get bigger and more expensive

Happy holidays

Would you grill me?

It's funny how much they sound alike

When does this end?