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What’s your favorite Egg shape?

inspired from inflame2707 meme

Keep your face to the sun and you will never see the shadows.

Oh no

Pronouns are the future


History of the forward assist button i guess

Top Ten Answers answered in the Dark Web:

My fortnite had an update

aaaaaa waterrr

A german fox

For a minute there I thought I'm dead when it happened for a first time :D

Something's wrong, I can feel it


it's time for the scorched earth strat

Got banned while invading one of their subs. Worth itt! Stonks armjie

How do humans look like?

One of our fellow scholars

Why? Cuz fuck 'em that's why!

Assholes in the ancient world

Finally watched it. its very interesting

the heat death

sounds golden doesn't holden

When you're skilled but dumb

The new Roman Empire

My two hour old baby

It was mainly because of growing support for socialism that he create the welfare state

What the fuck were they thinking?!

why you shouldnt declare war


long live the YOPE

Stonk or not Stonk?

Imagine being loved

ርዐዪዪቿርፕ ፕዐዐፕዘየልነፕቿ ልየየረጎርልፕጎዐክ

Drunk fitness quotes

You know what they say: when you point a finger, 8 other-worldly hands point right back atcha

How old have I become

Just a little hypocritical



Sussy baka

Animem funy

and they won Their only title

The Navadoge Code Talkers

the backyards


Silence boomer

All together now

Some comments are better than the original post at tiems