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I think I’m in love

Wow they looked really realistic… Wow… …great job… netflix…

I have 4 and 1/2 more hours until midnight

Hey, at least then we didn't get anymore terrible McCartney-Jackson collab songs.

“They are like stone, these people. Now make them lava.” [̴K̸e̸f̵ ̶1̸2̷]̸

just give him some rhinestones man

Wellington, who?

A Pyrrhic victory is still a victory am I right? No. No, not really

By artcadeworld on Insta

Pizza is my favourite vegetable.


Fun fact: sharks have been around longer than the rings of Saturn

New Menu at Fast Food Location ̴̡͓͇̤͍̙̀͋͑̈́̒̊̊̈́͠

stonks on iOS 15

5 more minutes

If you need an example of good international relations, look no further

Honky Stonky

When some Katanga mercenaries say they hate the anti crhist

What a perk.


Intergalactic Market

Catherine's furniture was pretty explicit as well, honestly it could be a style of its own. It's honestly so weird to look at.

from The Story of Civilization IV: The Age of Faith, A History of Medieval Civilization from Constantine to Dante by William Durant, Chapter 16 (the medieval jews), section 4 (antisemitism) page 388

I don't even play the game [OC]

Big head

In mother russia comments read you

I know it isn't the right font

try spongium

I'll drink to that

he is here to stay

To someone who has never played this game this reads like a surrealmeme

Statistically there's probably someone who does this

hello fellow humans

he will watch

When Kansas won’t enforce its anti-saloon laws


It's your turn.

Go away, i’m making yogurt

Kalm Panik

The biggest circlejerks of reddit

E̦̟̾ͯv̫̘͕̖͔ͤ̚i̱͇͖̥͎ͪ̌̿̿͊̈̚ľ͎̕ ̹̟͈̕S͇̳̰ͅn̗̗͈̩ͣ̃̊̇̂͠á͚̞̹̙̝͙̂͒̏̃ͥ̓i̝̮̣̠̙̼͑k̤̠̤̚e̞̰̳͔̮̱̙͛̈́ͥ͢

Ah, Payday 2

The beans bro

Blue usually isn't the best color for camouflage.

It was those damn Sea Peoples, wasn't it? Answer me!

Stonks indeed

Bet you didn’t see that one coming huh?

"Saved the entire underground"

Idk if this has been posted