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This guy

Thank you Oogway, Very nice

Well, I hope that Dingo is proud of himself.

try spongium


hi dad

What 40 years of propaganda does to a mf

They traumatized me.

T̴͔̃hey get hungry̵̢̩͙͐͐

They didn't have medals at the ancient Olympics

It's pretty easy actually.

"But...Wikipedia lied to me!"

Idk if this has been posted

Plant milk supremacy

I bought a billboard in NY to show support 🚀🚀🚀 it’s dirt cheap

It is a telephone

Too many close calls

They did him dirty

Just acquired this fine automobile here

The three individuals wish a birthday upon you

That one guy on WSB who’s 401K turned into a 0.00000001K

Absolute stupidity.

He also was the son of Dionysus xD. Not surprising, huh?


Better love story than Twilight

Smoking hot

Susan how could you?

You either die a hero, or live long enough to fall from prominence and end up getting screwed over by Macedon

Justice for u/[Deleted]

Seams about right

Number 2

What a waste of protein


What are you doing, step sultan?

That one guy on WSB who’s 401K turned into a 0.00000001K

you want a slice?

Idk if this has been posted

Ayy lmao

Every goddamn time

Bet you didn’t see that one coming huh?

He Observes, Inferences, Reflects, Contemplates, and Ultimately Worries! Purchase Today!

I am the funny

Fishing +100

Shocking. Who could’ve seen this coming?

The OG Bin Laden attack


I watch too much youtube

Either way they make awesome animations