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"The noblest as well as the most just of all the Thracian tribes" - Herodotus about the Getae

I think, that might be a problem…

I feed on your tears and downvotes

Ganarfeield and jouhna

Happy Hanukkah!

The US was a late bloomer with all of that isolationism nonsense but finally lived up to dad’s expectations

Yes, teach me master!

Agaricus bisporus x Loxodonta africana

Just grow tf up already onions are awesome

Soft boiled egg

This is not a political post



My mythology meme

title here or there or anywhere.

Laser cut meme man is here to cleanse you of all the shitty posts

Bruh-size: large


I saw this in southwest Florida today...

obama this isn't weed

Good friends put your nasty ex-girlfriends on trial for false allegations of adultery and incest.

Only in India



Stonks IRL: When you realize that you can just 3d print your favorite meme

OCD alert.

wou ld u a

My custom bank card came in today

This is so sad

Godon Ramzy

What do you think the earth is like?

We do be going through a lot of Frosted Flakes.

Ganarfeield and jouhna

Reespekt to all holders!


When my 100 chart analysis don't work

Turkey was still recovering from the last world war

Reupload, my last one had an error in who it was. Thank you to those who actually help corrected me.

Mongol conquests


You May No Longer Rest



I got u fam

Korchnoi would Ask people to resign during games… among other things

Found this in my school bathroom

We won't let him down

Get leaf

Uruguay first years of existence

House spider just wants the best for you.