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Signature look of superiority

It’s out of this world

this is so factual


My best friend thought I actually was doing ketamine

Ill be dead by then

Doubt that soldier went on to finnish the battle for some reason.

Willem The Foe

Doubt that soldier went on to finnish the battle for some reason.

We all knew

Why do I feel like this is how a lot of poeple think about bisexuals?

Uh oh

Yeah, i'm fine, haha :(

It's cheaper and you get to save a life and have a friend.

Dripin’ Grease Baby

Hol' the heck up

Fr tho that headline was hilarious

I have a pretty awesome game room, took me a long time getting it, just right. Old meme but it checks out.

I am speed

so annoying


There are no accidents

Honorable mention goes out to Denny’s, I haven’t seen the carnage of a Denny’s firsthand but I know they can be wild

Mission accomplished soldier

It’s bad at cleaning off peanut butter

Well shit

Morphing be like


Ooh uh he might be me…

I'm dead guys

Idk how to play

All that money and no style

Don't ask where I got then from

Evil Dunning–Kruger effect?

I get no alived

That bread though


Haha spikey murder fruit goes brrrrrr

I'll wait until I see more research on it first, Peter.

So true

It’s never perfect.

Without Michael Bay it will be a great film

It does be like that, every goddamn week...

What else should I add?

I give it 10 years until this is real.

I sure HOPE I won't recieve creep dms...

Boss makes a dollar, I make a dime:

The inner artist calling

She said this would be fun

Just a quiet croak to kick off the Wednesday fun, my dudes.