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get bamboozled

I also took this picture with no help or tripod. So that probably means something

Fortune favors the brave

Better late than never

I’m a bit of a cat whisperer myself ya know. . . .

When I was your age school skipped me

Not cool man

Thank you God

Yoda getting the girls

W8 did u say hostage

Making up for past mistakes

from dc to marvel

It showed me that 15 times in 10 minutes

Wernher von 🅱️raun

always da confoosing signs

Stop! Hey, what's that sound?


They're not finished yet

If you know... You know

Decipher this sacred text

Gonna sell it on the black markets for Crypto currency

. . . . .

Pain then joy


Albus Pervert Wolfuck Brian Dumbledoody

This is a certified gamer moment

The cartoons portrayed it as a villian

Time has had very different effects over them

Took long enough

You can never un-learn this information

By whom tho

I woke up to 2 tons of white bullshit this morning.

Straight outta amogus

Clearly nuns don’t work on a Sunday

There is a discrepancy here

You and I we are not so different

Well I will try again

"Can you take me highya!"

We're going on an adventure.

Like they won't ever learn

Well... Yeah

Dont lie, you've done it.

what MEMories

I need context.

Signature look of superiority

It’s out of this world

this is so factual


My best friend thought I actually was doing ketamine

Ill be dead by then