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New *Pipeline Intern* on their first week

"Better start learning Blender, Connor."

Oops seems like I added an array modifier

Client's review

Its Path Tracing son, let Papa handle this

Devlin you mad genius

You don't say!

oh oh...

When you fix the stiff leg IK problem for the bends

New Instagram account for compositing memes: @compbanter

When your Shadowcatcher is in the wrong place

"Your next task is too model a hyperrealistic horse... *with NURBS patches.*" 😱

Go to creative sphere said they)

They said it was impossible.

I’m really depressed so I’m making memes daily for the foreseeable future.

New *Pipeline Intern* on their first week

Bad UVs on my new pepper grinder

I’ve been missing the old SP logo lately and found this in an old folder. RIP to a real one. 😓

When you forget to texture yourself in the morning.

My soup renders look too generic :(

Autosave stays interrupting

Just chill

When you forgot to add the reflection map

ambient occlusion map

Therer is some satisfaction when you put the scene together.

Autodesk known for

"Uhm actually ngons are ok in certain situations"

broken sprites orientation

Oh God…

that monster 😱

Animators... they'll *key* anything!

Thanks i hate bird plane

when you move some polys from an object


This looks like a CG scene where you can see the grid in your viewport. Also when you import an asset into the scene from another software, where you forgot to select the option: "Y-axis = Up; X-axis = Right" before exporting.

who else hates UV mapping

Fucked up the symmetry pivot

Well about time someone made a tutorial about this

First time using substance designer. Please be nice

Some fresh OC about my first experience with Maya last night

Nice UVs on this car

Shadow resolution 16x16

that monster 😱

...and "vertexes" is not a word, FYI! 😜

The only way to UV unwrap a sphere

Me when I'm rendering with blender.

Real life voronoi noise displacement.

Beerfect Seams.

"Keep these logo jokes out of your f-- mouth!"

Damn bible