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flipped normals

Friend: "I don't get how you guys don't burn out all the time considering all the stuff you juggle at once."

Me enjoying my weekend not checking my inbox..

Found this at my local store, bruh

I'm not lazy, my art is just...

"Yay! Gonna pay rent with *satisfaction* this month"

Why spend 3hrs when you can spend 3 minutes?

bEcAuSe YoU jOiNeD r/cGiMeMeS

When you forget to turn on all objects for the render

I’m really depressed so I’m making memes daily for the foreseeable future.

F up my normals again

These irl low quality shadows.

Wireframe On Shaded

Your civility is breathtaking, Keanu

Maya could use a deep cleaning.

[OC] I worked real hard just for this

Anamorphic eyes

UV unwrapping

When you use the displacement modifier properly

Brothers in Arms Forever United by a Common Thread...

Auto-desk? Nice.

šŸŽ.mb vs šŸŽ.ma šŸ¤”šŸ’”

"Mike, could you please fix the y-axis offset on the render pls?"

When you apply the texture to the wrong object

Good tools need good names. šŸ¤·‍♂️

When your roughness texture fails to load.

Who else got into the industry because of swords that go *fwooooom*? ✋

Anyone else? :)

They said it was impossible.

...and "vertexes" is not a word, FYI! šŸ˜œ

heaviest objects

So this is how you guys watch porn

This here, kids, is why you must learn about world space, object space, local space.

When you're bored so you just smash random objects together and it actually looks kinda sick

CGI has come a long way.

When you forgot to add the reflection map

POV: You fucked up the mesh and normals in real life

Good tools need good names. šŸ¤·‍♂️

Keep Calm

motivation goes bye bye


Me when I'm rendering with blender.

Thanks for the positive encouragement, Steve!

Tweet tweet goes the jumbo jet

CGI has come a long way.

Which one looks better? Ivy with Cycles or Cycles with EEVEE?

Client: "I know we approved everything for the past six months, but..."

Voxel shoes

Good tools need good names. šŸ¤·‍♂️

The aliens who made us were too lazy to fix the texture down there, thought we wouldn't notice the seam.