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Made a meme for a Houdini talk...

And then array modifier

First time using substance designer. Please be nice

Devlin you mad genius

*enables Early Z-Pass for masked materials in UE4*

When you forget to add a collision setting to the physics sim

inaccurate but funny

Blursed pixar

When you attribute the material to the wrong object.

Bad UVs on my new pepper grinder

May I see your ID sir?

Damn bible

When you accidentally offset the UVW map

You're in big trouble

*Insert something with particle system*

F up my normals again

Spotted some horrible topology today!

Alpha map

Learning ZBrush progression

I wonder what Banksy thinks about digital art?

Make sure you guys post today!

It all began like this

Tweet tweet goes the jumbo jet

Big brain time

Make sure you guys post today!

I cry

This may be incorrect now, so don’t kill me. My friends and I thought this up this at 3am, no hate to Blender users please I have a family.

If GTA Definitive Edition modeling was made with Blender

Default cube becomes sentient

"Hey girl, are you Ambient Occlusion?" — #cgpickuplines

🐎.mb vs 🐎.ma πŸ€”πŸ’‘

Default Cube is my daddy

When you add a displacement modifier to your model set to 1

Made a meme for a Houdini talk...

This one is a BlenderBoi™ Exclusive

Blenderfanboys rejoice!

That new apocalypse pack from Kitbash3D is looking FIRE

Auto-desk? Nice.

When your material game is on point but you can't model/sculpt

Blenderfanboys rejoice!

Therer is some satisfaction when you put the scene together.

speed not quality

These substance materials are getting corny (xpost from /r/hmmm)

When you accidentally switch the hi and lo LOD

so sad ):


"Uhm actually ngons are ok in certain situations"

That happens (from Blender memes).

New *Pipeline Intern* on their first week

Be realistic.