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Thanks i hate bird plane

Friend: "I don't get how you guys don't burn out all the time considering all the stuff you juggle at once."


When you set the wrong shader for the character object

Sorry, still trying to get a hang of subdivision modeling

Correct me if I'm wrong but Blender is not CAD

Anyone remember Cheetah 3D?


Auto-desk? Nice.

When you apply the wrong displacement map to your material

Do you really though?

When you are really proud of your new material, so you add it to everything.

Your model watching you put in controls before properly weight painting.

Anyone remember Cheetah 3D?

remember to never rename anything that could have source files in it cause this will happen

they 3D printed a whole ass dog 😂

when you select the wrong normal map

Anyone remember Cheetah 3D?

Anyone remember Cheetah 3D?

This here, kids, is why you must learn about world space, object space, local space.

when you select the wrong normal map

Word battle 🤪

When you accidentally switch the hi and lo LOD

when you select the wrong normal map

works ok actually

this cgi corn my friend found

Anyone remember Cheetah 3D?

When you use the clone stamp tool for object removal, but you paint at the wrong hight

When you don't turn smooth shading on irl

Word battle 🤪

God's in his bones. All's right with the rigging

subdivide and Smooth mesh

When you accidentally offset the UVW map

when you select the wrong normal map

Word battle 🤪

When you fix the stiff leg IK problem for the bends

This looks like a CG scene where you can see the grid in your viewport. Also when you import an asset into the scene from another software, where you forgot to select the option: "Y-axis = Up; X-axis = Right" before exporting.

Tiger model breakdown

Forgot to select all verts when transforming a model

when you put the wrong texture in the background

When you apply the wrong normal map

When you accidentally assign the wrong shader

Ubisoft Texturing a sink

UV checker

[OC] I worked real hard just for this

when you select the wrong normal map

"Real mature, Kowalski."

Well... Gotta do it...

when you assign the wrong texture to an object