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🚫🐒🐒🐒🐒🚫 πŸ™…‍♂️

xgen makes me wish I chose a different career path πŸ₯²

Bad UVs on my new pepper grinder


Voxel shoes

Thanks neat video

I’ve been missing the old SP logo lately and found this in an old folder. RIP to a real one. πŸ˜“

"I spied your browser history. Why such interest in *blendering*?"

Blursed pixar

When you get the LODs wrong...

Me when I'm rendering with blender.

Do they serve procedural dishes too? Found this in Slovakia - Bratislava (2022.october.20.)

Some fresh OC about my first experience with Maya last night


Mayans and their silly words

fixed meme

Blursed pixar


That's some dopeass hair-cards.

PaintFX? Pepperidge Farms remembers...

Why not do anime 3D models

New earth patch comes with extrude modifier

Thanks neat video

Who else got into the industry because of swords that go *fwooooom*? ✋

fixed meme

First cloth simulation please critique

At first glance I thought this was a normals map

ambient occlusion map

Client's review

Client: "I know we approved everything for the past six months, but..."

When you forget to enable smooth shading IRL


Thanks neat video

So true.

fixed meme

Me enjoying my weekend not checking my inbox..

Game dev

When you mess up your metallic and roughness values

Press f for 3ds max users.....

πŸŽƒ Oops, wrong Blender! 🀦‍♂️

They said it was impossible.

It’s not that I hate other software. It’s just that I HATE SUBSCRIPTIONS

I used to hit myself with poor choices. Now I hit myself with poor choices.. in style. 😎

🚫🐒🚫 Master Shredder agrees: No Turtle (nodes) allowed!! 🚫🐒🚫

"Your next task is too model a hyperrealistic horse... *with NURBS patches.*" 😱

When you attribute the material to the wrong object.

Nuke is Overpriced!

My project folder is a graveyard

I actually use Ngons for hardsurfacemodeling

bEcAuSe YoU jOiNeD r/cGiMeMeS