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Not of you use a million different textures

Look my Art plz

When you apply the wireframe modifier

"Better start learning Blender, Connor."

ambient occlusion map

when you select the wrong normal map

Subscribe 2 pewdiepie

fixed meme

Voxel shoes

So true.

When your displacement map is too high res


IRL stretched UVs

Damn bible

Ubisoft Texturing a sink

Friend: "I don't get how you guys don't burn out all the time considering all the stuff you juggle at once."

Spent 50h this week retopo-ing models for work, go to brunch with my girlfriend and the wallpaper nearly gave me a coronary.

When you accidentally put a zero too many on your array modifier

When you just don't care anymore

Alpha Blondie

Other Bad Platforms vs Artstation

Shield with texture error

Sorry blender fanboys

Sss 0.5, roughness 0.7

Character modeling be like

just kidding, ok

Other Bad Platforms vs Artstation

Other Bad Platforms vs Artstation

Misaligned Alpha and Bump

"Yay! Gonna pay rent with *satisfaction* this month"

When you see it

Other Bad Platforms vs Artstation

This one is a BlenderBoi™ Exclusive


How to make a smoke simulation, step 1: get a computer with adequate specs

Found a way to see if my face sculp is "correct"

When you extrude another face, but forget to remap the UVs

"I'm once again asking you to lower your GI bounces."

Maya demon worship

a wild voronoi texture (larimar stone)

Look my Art plz

When you accidentally use the turtle texture on your beetle model

Look my Art plz

Surface scattering practice

Look my Art plz

New *Pipeline Intern* on their first week

When you get the LODs wrong...

When you are really proud of your material, so you add it to everything - part 2!

Someone needs to work on their Quads

When you maximize smoothness