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"I spied your browser history. Why such interest in *blendering*?"

When you forget to texture yourself in the morning.

When you accidentally apply the wrong material. Yes this is real

Charlie Sheen

The height map looks good, just needs some textures

Good night sweet prince. ;(

Houdini Artist would rather starve πŸ™…‍♂️

Big brain time

Voronoi + color ramp

Why puke green Adobe?


Lemme learn this

Why spend 3hrs when you can spend 3 minutes?

"I'm once again asking you to lower your GI bounces."

When you forget to disable the SSS when reusing your Skin Material



Thanks Maya, I love you

one free open source to rule them all

Meme man in nut shell

with all the money Adobe gets from their subscription model you would think they would be have done it sooner🀷‍♀️

First time hand rigging, feedback welcome

Me when I'm rendering with blender.

the horror...

You're in big trouble

The only way to UV unwrap a sphere

"Uhm actually ngons are ok in certain situations"

When you attribute the material to the wrong object.

I feel like architects of modern buildings just randomly apply modifiers to shapes to make a new building.



l ΓΆ ΓΆ p s πŸ₯£ I finally got around to creating this masterpiece.😫

When you forget to turn on all objects for the render

scaled normals

I dunno what to title this.

used the wrong texture coordinates for the displacement again

Me enjoying my weekend not checking my inbox..

May I see your ID sir?

*Avoids eye contact

oh oh...


🚫🐒🐒🐒🐒🚫 πŸ™…‍♂️

When you accidentally add displacement to your cloud texture


IRL stretched UVs

As an animator, I find this tempting...

"Yay! Gonna pay rent with *satisfaction* this month"

Lemme learn this

UV maps not aligned

It is never "inspired"